As we head into the 2018 CJFL Signing Day across the Canadian Junior Football League, the Calgary Colts have an additional reason to celebrate. June 1st, 2018, marks the date where new players will be committing and team alumni are officially being inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame on the same date. 
The 1989 and 1990 Calgary Colts won back to back national championships and were given the nomination for induction into the ASHOF back in February of this year.  On June 1st, members of the alumni teams will attend the 2018 Induction Banquet event in Red Deer, where Alberta’s great athletes and sports builders will be recognized for their impact and contributions to sport in our province.
Many of the alumni from those championship seasons are still connected and continue to give back to the Calgary Colts. These alumni are shaping the future and contributing to the community of young men who will be joining the team on the official signing day, and continuing a legacy of strength and determination. It’s a special honour to be inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and we thank our alumni for their continued support of the team.
ALUMNI from 1989 and 1990 involved with the Calgary Colts in 2018 are –
Keith Evans – General Manager
Clay Gillies – Director, Board of Directors Calgary Colts (since 2013)
Lloyd Tulp – Football Operations, Guest Coach (since 2016)
Mike Tuff – Director, and current President (since 2009)
Lloyd Tulp carries many memories and lessons with him from his time with the team and had the following to say:
“Being a member of the Colts organization gave me a place to call home and people who I saw as brothers, the organization basically became my family. It was for that reason that when I had the chance to give back to the organization that helped shape me as a member of society, player and coach I jumped at the opportunity. My coaches, training staff and team mates were always a means of inspiration and I felt that if I could give just one incoming player the same opportunity and inspiration that I got, then I should do so, it was my duty. It was because of the Colts organization and the people that I had interacted with over the years that I went into teaching and coaching. 
I stay in contact with a few of the guys but I feel that overall my life was made better and had meaning because of the people within the Colts organization that gave me a chance to play a sport that I loved to a higher level that I never thought that I could achieve; along the way I gained brothers for life and a couple of championships that solidified my purpose for playing football.”
For a complete list of inductees into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame for 2018, visit
Athletes, Builders, and Media personnel make up the list of Inductees. Athletes include participants and winners of Olympic performances, and World Championships. Builders include those who have contributed endless hours in their respective sports making them what they are today. These Albertans have contributed to the continuous growth of their sport and are truly deserving of this honour. Inductees are true ambassadors of Alberta and have helped put Alberta on the sports map of Canada and the World. — Alberta Sports Hall of Fame