Calgary Colts


Player Registration Steps

Congratulations and Welcome to the 2019 Calgary Colts Junior Football Association!

The football expense budget for the Calgary Colts is approximately $180,000. This includes facility rentals, team travel, player equipment, medical treatment/supplies, meals and staff honorariums. Player fees are $750 and cover a portion of this expense. The remainder of the expenses are through fundraising activities, sponsorships and donations.

The Calgary Colts fundraising tri-fold brochure is available (download here) for the players to go out into the community to get sponsorships, scholarship or corporate sponsors.

In lieu of a $1,000.00 equipment deposit cheque, the Calgary Colts require the completion of a pre-authorization credit card form (download here.) This credit card form will only be charged if the players equipment is not returned at the end of the season. A breakdown of all equipment costs are on this form.

Please read the instructions below so players, parents and guardians are able to complete the registration process. The Calgary Colts Main Camp will be held the weekend of July 26th to 28th.
The Player Fee must be paid in FULL prior to July 25th, 2019.


1 - CJFL Registration


Please follow these steps to complete the registration process:
First complete the CJFL Form following this link:


2 - CCES Drug Seminar


a) New Players – Sign up at
Enrollment Key: CJFL2019
You will be prompted to enter your name and your email address. Your email address will be your username.
Enter a password that you will remember
Log in with your new username and password
Then go to MY COURSES and follow the instructions below

b) Returning Players – Login to

c) All players :
i) Go to “My Courses.”
ii) Complete the “Profile” module first
iii) Return to “My Courses” to begin the course.
iv) When complete, a certificate will be generated.
v) Send the certificate to Cathy Welton – registrar[@]




Accept the TEAMSNAP invitation for the Calgary Colts Football Club. Messages, updates, game day notices, scholarship information, volunteer events, and the PLAYER FEE INVOICE will be on TEAMSNAP.

If you are not on TEAMSNAP please contact Cathy Welton at catwel04[at] or 403-200-9906 so you can be added.

TEAMSNAP acceptance is mandatory for all players and coaches for 2019.



4 - Payment


Payment of Fees will be completed using the following methods:

  • TeamSnap payment gateway.
  • E-transfer, to fees [at] to get the email address and receipt of payment
  • VISA, DEBIT, MASTERCARD which the registrar, Cathy Welton, will be available at the practices at Bishop O Byrne School, Tuesday and Thursday, during the months of June and July 2019.



5 - EQUIPMENT Pre-Authorization Form


Calgary Colts Equipment Pre-Authorization Debit Form (download PDF here) will need to be completed. This form requires a Credit Card, complete with billing address, phone number and email address of the Card Holder.

In order for a player to receive equipment this form must be completed. After completing the form please email to Cathy Welton at registrar[at] or contact her for a copy of this form. The forms will also be at the Tuesday and Thursday practice during June and July 2019.



6 - Policies


The Calgary Colts enforce a no-pay, no-play fee collection policy.